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Tomato Seeds
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We offer Indo-us Rakhis and they are renowned for their high quality and taste. Some features are described here: Days for 1st Harvest: 70-75 days after transplantingSeason: Kharif, ravi & Mid summerFruit color is dark red on ripeningVery high yielding varietiesDark reddish colourCustomer...
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Tomatoe Seeds which are famous for their quality and taste
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TOMATO SEEDS INDO-US-999 F1 HY SEEDS (LYCOPERSICON ESCULENTUM MILL.) Plant Habit : Determinate Plant Vigour : Medium Maturity : Medium Shoulder Colour : UG Fruit Shape : Oval Fruit Weight (g) : 80-90 Fruit Firmness : Excellent Remarks : Medium to early hybrid, excellent firmness, suitable...
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Watermelon Seeds
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Watermelon Seeds INDO-US-9945 F1 Hy Seeds (Citrullus vulgaris) Fruit weight : 10-12 Days to Maturity : 85-90 Days after sowing Fruit Shape : Oval Fruit Colour/Skin : A mid-early maturing tropical variety. Durable ring in green with dark green stripes. Good for shipping & storage....
Group: Seeds of watermelon
Bottle Gourd Sowing Seeds
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Samar long Bitter Gourd Fruit colour: Green Fruit length: 30-45 cm Fruit weight: 120-150 gm Fruit shape: long with good teething Days to 1st harvest: 50-55 days after sowing Comments: It is green colored, which gives very good yield and can be grown in summer, rainy and winter...
Group: Pumpkin seeds
Beet Root Sowing Seed
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Shweta Beet Root This matures in 50-60 days from swing and weighs 120 to 140 gm on maturity. It can stand in the field for 30 days after maturity without cracking or losing color and taste. The size keeps increasing up to 400 gms. Beet Root Fruit Color: Dark redThis is an early maturing hybrid,...
Group: Seeds of table beet
Cabbage Sowing Seeds
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Indo-us 1008 F1 Hybrid Head color: GreenHead weight: 1 kg to 1.2 kg averageHead Shape: Attractive roundDays to maturity: 65-70 days after transplantingDays for Maturity: 65-70 days after transplantingSeason: August to December for sowing plantsDisease: FusariumComment: Very attractive round shape...
Group: Seeds of white cabbage
Carrot Sowing Seeds
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Sorath red Carrot Maturity: 110 days. It is very high yielding variety having soft edible core. It gives long fruits with vigorous upright growing leaves, having good taste. Indo-us 2007 Maturity days: Mid early It is having edible core and is good for slicing, having good...
Group: Seeds of carrot
Cauliflower Sowing Seeds
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Indo-us Cauliflower Days for Maturity: 70-80 days after transplantingHead weight: 1kg×1.5kgSeason: August to DecemberCompactness: Very compact with self glancing leaves which gives attractive show.Recommended: 2feet×2feetComments: It is an unformed mid early cauliflower hairy white body.
Group: Seeds of cauliflower


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